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"Astrological consultation"

In certain periods of the life the planets help us, or on the contrary, create obstacles. Often life events depend on our mood, level of consciousness and desire to change for the better. You can mitigate the negative impact of the planets and strengthen the positive, but for that happen, you need to make an effort.

During the astrological consultation, you will receive recommendations for harmonizing the influence of the planets that are associated with your situation. You must understand the purpose of addressing an astrologer and have a specific problem or question.

Consultation helps in difficult life situations, in a period of difficulties and stress. The horoscope shows the current period in your life, the influence of the planets on you, the nature of the situation, what actually happens when it will end; how can you influence it.

For consultation, you need to register by specifying the exact data of your birth (date, place and time) by calling 28440667 or

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16 May - 29 August 10:32
Vedic Astrology Consultation
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24 January - 28 March 2019 14:00 - 16:00
Avestiskās astroloģijas konsultācija