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"Reiki acts holistically at all levels of human existence"

Reiki responds to our inner need, gives what is really necessary to maintain life and health. At the same time, Reiki does not conflict with any other methods and systems. The Reiki Method is not a cure, it is a healing, it is the bringing of the body into a holistic internal state, when harmonious and balanced interaction of all internal processes in the body is established. And thanks to this, all the beneficial effects that a Reiki session gives occur. It includes improving well-being, maintaining a physical condition, healing diseases, solving psychological problems, development, spiritual growth, and much more ...

"Consultation is based on the Vedic concept of worldview"

Consultation with the psychologist is an investment in your mental health and social success, the ability to search for new resources or the restoration of already used ones, as well as the solution of “intractable” issues. Not all difficulties can be dealt with immediately, the solution of others implies a certain time. The way you lived for several years cannot be changed so easily, it is a significant effort and not always easy and pleasant. But the result is worth it.

Actual and future events 2
18 - 19 July 10:00 - 20:00
Enerģētiskā diagnostika un individuālās konsultācijas
11 May - 27 July 11:00 - 12:00
Individuālās reiki konsultācijas
Archive events 1
11 May - 15 June 10:00 - 11:00
Enerģētiskā kāju tīrīšana