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The yoga is not only strengthening of health and removal of stresses, but also soul perfection.
To understand what yoga is - it is necessary to test its influence on yourself.
At first sight it seems no more than a series of strange physical poses promoting the body to remain slim and flexible.
However, after some time everyone who continues to be engaged regularly - starts to realise, that latently there are changes in its relation to a life and to themselves.
Continuous tonig and body relaxation calms your mentality and awakening of internal Rest and Silence begins. That actually is our True essence.
If we can operate our thoughts and psyche then there is no limit to what we can make because we are restrained and prevented from showing our self completely by our own illusions and prejudices. Hatha-yoga - work with consciousness by means of a body.
«ha» - «tha» - two basic directions in hatha-yoga practice.
«Ha» - symbolizes the Sun, a man principle, «tha» - a female principle and its symbol is Moon.
Hatha - balance and harmony of force and activity (Sun) and relaxations (Moon).
These two principles are integrated into the practice of study.
«Ha» style is based on long keeping of a positions, a statics principle.
«Tha» - a principle of fluidity and synchronism of movement and breath when practice of the realized movement becomes continuous meditation in movement.
We use various approaches and directions of hatha-yoga as there are many schools in which teachers express their vision of yoga, but all of them do not contradict each other for the yoga remaining uniform as the God is, though people call it with different names.
Do your practice and all is coming

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