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Mysterious India - A trip of soul discovery during the month of Kartika
5 - 18 November
This trip is different from conventional tourism, where travellers briefly and randomly inspect all the famous sights. It is a pilgrimage in which everything is meaningful, coherent and is subject to traditions. It will enable a new emotional experience, not just impressions. There are towns on our planet, as inaccessible to understanding as they are open. Their secret does not open to anyone, only to people with pure intent and the ability to learn. These towns are surrounded by myths and legends. They are places of interweaving truth and fiction. Different cultures and nations live together and get along there. These mysterious towns with a rich history are constantly changing and improving. They are a kind of wealth of knowledge from which everyone will get as much as he can take.


This trip will take place in the dearest and most sacred month of Kartika, which is very conducive for spiritual practice. This is an extraordinary month of the year, which is particularly blessed with Srimati Radharani, the energy of pleasure of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. This is the particularly blessed month of Kartika, because Srimati Radharani draws her attention to service, is committed in this month and awards her causeless mercy. It is said that the benefit derived from devotional service in the month of Kartika is many times greater than the benefits derived from serving during the rest of the year.

Vrindavan, the "city of 5000 temples ", is located on the banks of the holy river Yamuna. One of the most sacred (and beloved by the pilgrims) cities in India. According to an ancient legend, this place was a forest, where Lord Krishna during his earthly incarnation carried out his lilas (games).
Radha Kund is the most sacred place in the universe. The word "Radha" means "the greatest of Krishna worship." Radha Kund is named after Radha because it has the same powers as her - to attract and fascinate Krishna. The repetition of the names of Radha and bathing in Radha Kund attracted Krishna.
Govardhan is the innermost place on earth. "Sweet" mountain is surrounded by an amazing aura of reverence, as if each pilgrim left a trail of his enthusiastic feelings. "Govardhan" - is something that increases the attraction of feelings towards Krishna. It has the nature of personality and blesses humans with an increase of loyalty. Just being in the immediate vicinity of Govardhana Hill, all the feelings of a person reach their spiritual perfection and he experiences a bliss.
Garga Samhita states that Govardhana Hill was once cursed by Pulastya Muni, a powerful mystic and one of the sons of Lord Brahma. The curse was that every day, Govardhan should be reduced to the size of a mustard seed. In accordance with this curse, Govardhan, which was originally twenty kilometers in height, reduced to the size of the hill. Scriptures say that as long as Govardhana Hill and the river Yamuna will remain on Earth, there will be religiousness and God-consciousness. On the day when they will disappear, what should happen after about ten thousand years, Kali-yuga will flourish in full force, and even a hint of religion will be completely gone.
Therefore, while we have the opportunity, it is very favorable to contemplate Govardhan and walk around it!
Varsana is the home of Radharani, located on the four hills. It is one of the most beautiful places.
Agra, Taj Mahal - a love story, sung in stone. The symbol of India, one of the Seven Wonders of the World. White marble domes reflecting in the water and it looks as if the palace of the Taj Mahal was floating.
Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan, or the land of "the king's sons." The representatives of the warrior caste here were called king's sons or Rajputs. Rajputs are a sort of Indian samurai. Neither Mughals, who won half of India, nor the British managed to fully subordinate them. Jaipur is a very picturesque and beautiful city, which is sometimes called a "symphony of pink" or Pink city, this color symbolizes the hospitality in the culture of Rajasthan.
Celebrating Deepavali or the "Feast of Lights." It symbolizes the path from darkness (ignorance) to knowledge, the victory of truth over falsehood, good over evil. It is also dedicated to Mahalakshmi (the goddess of wealth and prosperity). The traditional Vedic ceremony for Mahalakshmi is designed to attract prosperity into your life, establishing and maintaining liaison with natural energies.
Haridwar is the door of the Gods. Haridwar is sacred to all. Worshipers of Vishnu call it Haridwar ("Door of Hari", that is - Rama), Shaivites know it as Hardwar ("Hara" - one of the names of Shiva). It is Tapobhumi, the land of sages, where one can gain knowledge that leads to enlightenment.
Rishikesh is the holy city and spiritual center and is considered the world capital of yoga. The Ganges flows through Rishikesh, exactly in this place coming down from the mountains, and the city is full of sadhus, pilgrims and visitors who came to worship the holy river. It is famous for ashrams, where truth-seekers from many different countries study yoga, meditation, art and philosophy.

PROGRAM of Pilgrimage (some changes possible):
Yoga, meditation and mudra studies on request
Day 1 - Departure from Riga, or from any other city
Day 2 - Arrival in Delhi, transfer to Vrindavan, accommodation, free time
Day 3 - Vrindavan
Day 4 - Govardhana parikrama. Radha Kund
Day 5 - Trip to Agra (Tadj Mahal)
Day 6 - Vrindavan
Day 7 - Varsana
Day 8 - Karoli, Jaipur (visiting three temples from sunrise to sunset, which empowers to the progress towards self-knowledge and God)
Day 9 - Jaipur
Day 10 - The celebration of Deepavali. Lakshmipooja
Day 11 - Kurukshetra
Day 12 - Rishikesh
Day 13 - Haridwar
Day 14 - Rishikesh
Day 15 - Delhi - Riga or another city

COST: 1250 Euro - taxi, accommodation, organizational costs in India.

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