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Retreat with Dmitry Pshonko
13 - 16 July (Event completed)
This retreat is for those who want to delve into the depths of his subconscious. The unique technique of holotropic breathing, which is authored by Stanislav Grof and his wife Christina Grof, is a method of immersing into unusual states of consciousness in search of wisdom, healing and deep self-exploration. These unusual conditions were used in most world cultures for healing and internal investigations. "Holotropic breathing" - the most powerful method of personal growth and deep work on oneself, as well as the best way to search for innovative solutions and creative breakthroughs.
Learning techniques and methods are characterized by its high effectiveness, despite of the fact that minimum efforts are used.
deep personal integration;
awareness and disclosure of internal capacity and depth of resources;
relieving emotional and physical stress and recuperation;
strengthening of physical health;
rethinking old conflicts;
creative potential and creative development;
solving important problems;
exemption from physical clamps and blocks.
Training will be beneficial for those:
- Whose problems are associated on physical/bodily level: problems, associated with the image of the body; stiffness in body, tension and muscle clamps in different parts of the body; anxiety based on proximity, physical closeness and trust,
- Who experience emotional difficulties, conflicts, is in dipression,
- Who is in creativity crisis,
- Who is trying to find its place in life and self-actualizing,
- Who avoids its own feelings and is not able to find the right words to verbally express feelings, wishes, needs,
- Who is experiencing a stressful or crisis period in life, that is related to different kind of losses or drastic life change,
- Who worry that their problems are endless, and it feels like life goes in circles, and everything "is not like it should be".
In this retreat program is included yoga movie, circle discussions, sharing of experience and bath.
LECTURER: Dmitry Pshonko - psychologist, coach, specialist of international project "The Psychology of the Third Millennium", member of Professional Psychotherapeutic League, a certified master (IKSR certificate (Moscow), WISL (Germany)) system of family and structural constellations, a practicing hypnotherapist (certificate IgiSP (Moscow)), existential practices analyst (certificate of PPL), a member of the Association for transpersonal psychology and psychotherapy, certified practitioner of Holotropic Breathwork ™ (international certificate GTT). Dmitry's lectures, seminars and trainings are held in many Russian cities, as well as in Belarus, Ukraine, the Baltic States, Central and Western Europe.
Additional terms of participation in the retreat:
For your comfort we advice you to bring comfortable clothes, shoes, warm socks, yoga mat, blanket, bathing accessories.
Pre-registration is necessary. You can sign-up and get more information by WhatsApp +37129480303
Svētgrīvas, Valgundes pagasts, Jelgavas novads, Latvija, LV-3017
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