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Fundamental Understanding of the Vaastu Science
26 - 27 October 18:00 - 21:00
Learning and Experiencing

Vaastu-shaastra or Vaastu science is an ancient Vedic system of orienting and planning of the living spaces based upon optimal orientation to and resonance with the geo-magnetic forces like gravity, solar path, wind directions, type of land and surroundings, and subterranean phenomenon like under-ground streams, old wells, or old graveyards. Participants will get an introduction to this science. They may bring the plan of their homes which could be considered to be studied and explained in the group.  

Who can attend this program :

Architects, home-planners, interiors designers, home-owners, students of astrology     and mystic sciences, and anyone who wishes to improve the energy field in their existing homes / offices/ factories/ shops.        

Duration of the program : 3 hours

Auesekļa iela 11-411
120 euro