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We Bake Happiness
5 - 28 May 2017 18:15 (Event completed)
A woman should put all her effort and love in a process of making dough. This way she is shaping her horoscope. Flour represents stars, spices - favorable qualities of the planets, but ready-made dish - woman's astrological chart. Thereby, you can determine her karma by ready-made dish.

We begin to form a group for this new class "Vedic cuisine - We bake happiness".

Program details:

- baked products for holidays and everyday without eggs and yeast;
- bread from wheat rye flour, biscuits, pancakes, pies;
- quick desserts, that do not require baking

LECTURER Lyudmila Byhanova
VENUE Rupniecibas Street 9 - 3, Riga, Latvia
TIME: from 18.15 - 20.45
PRICE: 4 classess 50 Euro
Rupniecibas Street 9 - 3, Riga
50 Euro