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The Vedic cookery
25 March - 13 May 18:15 - 21:00 (Event completed)

"We are that, what we eat"
The food we eat makes a great influence not only on our body but also on minds state. The cookery is the tradition which we offer you, will help you to make healthier both of this things and also to develop spiritual and moral qualities.
Description: The course program includes: the theory and psychology of cookery. Use of species. The compatibility of the nutrition products. Health-improving, cleansing and spiritual cookery. Dish made from cereals, vegetables, milk. Drinks. Soups. Baking. Sweets. Flour meals. Teas.

The beginning of courses in process of a group set. Preliminary record is obligatory.

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Rupniecibas str. 9-3, Riga, Latvia
8 lessons 85 Eur
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