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From the Himalayas to the mouth of Ganges
13 - 28 August 2016 (Event completed)
Sooner or later, everyone who begins to think about meaning of life and about his/her destination travels to India. Ancient knowledge creates an amazing atmosphere, where everyone can revitalize both spirit and body.

Delhi, Sikkim, Darjeeling, Gangtok, Mayapur, Calcutta. Duration of the piligrimage 13-28 August, 2016. Please, register till 12 June, 2016. Pilgrims from other countries can join the tour in Delhi.  

Sikkim, a mysterious Himalayan kingdom – throughout centuries

It is a magic area in Himalayas, between Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan: mountains, tea, temples, monasteries, the Roerich, Morya. 
“Related to memorials of great religious figures, this blessed country makes a unique and gracious impression.”
N. Roerich. “Heart of Asia”.
Sikkim may safely be said to be one of the best places on our planet. Like entire India it is full of absolutely strong spiritiual energry. Sikkim is located at the root of one of the most sacred peaks of Himalayas – 8,585-meter-high Kangchenjunga, "The five treasures of the high snow". Kangchenjunga is often hidden by dense fogs, though, it reveals itself for those who sincerely aims to it.
Sikkim is famous for its hot healing springs. Locals claim that the water of the Rangeet river cures most diseases. Many lakes of Sikkim, such as Tsongmo, Gurudongmar and Khecheopalri, are considered to be sacred.   

Splendid Darjeeling
To begin with, it is a picturesque place surrounded by the eastern Himalayas, at the root of the highest mountain in India – Kangchenjunga (8,598 m). Darjeeling has also become a shelter for many of Tibetan refugees, therefore, the very city and its outskirts have a plenty of Tibetan temples and monasteries. 

Ancient Gangtok
Our planet has a lot of amazing and mysterious places. A human being knows some of them well and has roamed the length and breadth of them, but other places keep on striking and amazing a human, though, they were discovered long ago. If a geographer, historian or an outstanding architect decided to create a top list of the most interesting and ancient cities, an Indian city of Gangtok could be first. 

Mayapur – the city of grace
If one happens to visit East Bengal, where a city of Mayapur has extended near the mouth of Jalangi and Ganges, he/she can delve into Vedic knowledge, join in the ancient culture and spiritual discipline. It is amazingly beautiful place, which combines original tropical nature with an exquisite architectural ensemble. 
Mayapur (literally “The city of grace”, Sri Mayapur Chandrodaya Mandir) – is an international spiritual centre for Gaudiya Vaishnavas. The cosmic axis of the Universe is considered to cross the city, therefore, according to Vedic legendary, Mayapur is destined to be the capital of the world.  Constant residents of Mayapur (a bit more than 2,000 people) are not just believers, they consider their faith to be the goal of their lives. Mayapur is also a holy place for many pilgrims worldwide. 
Contrasts of Calcutta. The capital of West Bengal, which is considered to be one of the largest cities of the world, combines tremendous population and hectic life with unique and touching beauty. North of Calcutta there is a completely different world with calming green rice fields and historic hamlets. 

Cost: 1,250 euros. 
The price includes: travelling expenses in India, transfer from/to airport/hotel, accommodation, two vegetarian meals (breakfast at 8:00-9:00, lunch at 15:00-16:00), organization expenses in India, interpreting services. A Russian-speaking guide will escort the group throughout the entire route. The arrangers will escort the group throughout the entire tour. Yoga and qigong trainings (optional).
The price does not include: round trip to Delhi, visa processing, insurance, personal donations, personal expenses, porter services, tips, entrance tickets, water, rituals, individual astrological forecast. 
Transportation by trains of 3 AC class. (If you want to go by 2 AC or 1 AC, please inform in advance). Accommodation is in double or triple rooms of middle-class ashrams or hotels (If you want to stay in a higher-class hotel, please inform in advance). Extra charges are discussed individually, depending on your demands. Accommodation in a single room is for an extra charge of 350 euros. 

Contacts for registration and information: e-mail:, skype: libork108
Registration via phone numbers: +371 28224475, +91 98 11708888