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Health and Beauty recipes
27 July - 15 August 2016 18:15 (Event completed)
Health and beauty - something that we wish to our beloved ones in the first place.
According to Ayurveda, the ideal nutrition and medicine for our health are plants. Any synthetic molecule lacks those valuable qualities, that our mother Nature has put in each living cell.

Program details:
- The principles of good nutrition,
- Good habits for health and longevity,
- Healthy products and beverages,
- Alkalizing foods as a source of health,
- Homemade beauty recipes (creams and face masks made by hands
- The beneficial properties of honey

- Healthy breakfasts
- Natural sweets
- Restorative salads

LECTURER Lyudmila Byhanova
VENUE Rupniecibas Street 9 - 3, Riga, Latvia
PRICE: 6 classes 60 Euro
Rupniecibas Street 9 - 3, Riga
60 euro