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Sacred power of plants
6 August 2016 10:00 - 14:00 (Event completed)
It is a knowledge about herbs and trees, their curative and sacred properties. Knowledge about how, when and how many different plants to collect, recipes, the use of herbs in various diseases.
Includes meditation for the energy gain from the trees, nature and its elements, the practice of working with energy.
Herbs for health and beauty.
For centuries, juice and oil, extracted from plants, decoctions and infusions of herbs and flowers, serve as a source of health, beauty and youth. Nature provides us with a lot of useful substances, provides with knowledge about the power of herbs, flowers and minerals. The only thing we need is to open our minds and learn to apply this knowledge in our lives.

Lecturer: Lyudmila Byhanova
Rupniecibas Street 9-3, Riga, Latvia
20 Euro