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Sounds of the Himalayas
7 - 22 September 2018 17:00 - 5:00 (Event completed)

From 7-22 September, 2018 (14 days / 15 nights). Please register before August 1, 2018. For participants from other countries there is an opportunity to join the tour in Delhi.

India is a country of mysteries, riddles, legends and one of the oldest religions. So many sacred places as here are not to be found on the map of any other country. These places of power are called tirtha, which means a bridge between the heaven and earth.

It is believed that at these points, for unknown reasons, the energy of our planet is in resonance with human consciousness, filling the soul of everyone who came here with kindness and purity. The Himalayas is one of such places, possessing incredibly powerful energy, with many ancient shrines and healing sources. We invite you to travel north India, that is able to surprise again and again with its versatility. Himalayan secrets are waiting for you.

Day 1 - Departure from your city.

Day 2 - Delhi. Rest, excursion in Delhi - the capital of India, the ancient city located on the banks of the Yamuna River. Gate of India, The Presidential Palace, the Baha'i temple of the Lotus, hovering above the earth. Grandiose for its beauty and grandeur temple complex Akshardam, which entered the Guinness Book of Records as the most majestic Hindu temple in the world.

Day 3 - Nainital (300 km -7 hours). A beautiful, mountain resort was

is named after the emerald-green eyes of the wife of Lord Shiva, the goddess Parvati.

In the center of the city is the famous lake and the church of St. John the Hermit.

Walk around the city and forest surroundings. A magnificent panorama of the mountain peaks will not leave anyone indifferent!

Day 4 - Almora (65 km -2 hours). Ashram of Nim Caroli Baba (his disciples

called him "laughing saint"), the temple of Sai Baba, a beautiful temple

complex on the bank of a mountain river.

Day 5 – Almora. The temple complex of Kasar Devi (Mother Goddess in the natural hypostasis). Women from all over India come to this temple, to ask the Goddess for the gift and well-being of children. After the city inspection, we will walk through the picturesque surroundings of the Himalayas.

Day 6 – Jageshwar (35 km -1 hour), where there is a unique temple complex, whose main shrine is the "Jotir Lingam" (Lingam Light), which arose here at the prayer of Shankara. Visiting the temple

Mrityunjaya, where Lord Shiva is in the hypostasis of the "Overcoming Death".

Viewing the temples of the pantheon of Hindu Deities on the territory of Jageshwar (124 ancient sanctuaries). Patal (100 km -3 hours).

Day 7- Patal. Meeting the sunrise over the Himalayas. "Caves of Birth Peace "- this place is connected with the history of the development of spiritual life on our Planet and the prospects for the further development of civilization. Observation of the Temples and Initiation into the secrets of the caves. Kausani (125 km -4 hours) - a mountain resort in the Himalayan pine forests, rest. Mystery of sunset over the Himalayan peaks.

Day 8 – Kausani. Mahatma Gandhi Ashram, acquaintance with life and museum of ashram. Someswara temple complex. Observation of the sanctuary of Lord Shiva and the Goddess

Parvati. Joshimath (200 km -7 hours) - the former capital of the mountainous Garhwal and

the main center of the preaching work of the Great Shankara.

According to the legend, at the monastery of Sankara there can be seen legendary "Lingam of Light" by the Great Saints from the hands of Lord Siva himself. Nearby is the famous temple of Narasimha. An ancient tradition says that the thinning of one of the hands of the main Deity statue of the temple, marks the end of the last cycle of time.

Day 9 – Badrinath, (45 km -2 hours) - one of the most important shrines in India, a place of Hindu pilgrimage. It is believed, that if you have visited this temple at least once in your life, then your life was not in vain. Here the life of the Spirit is very acute. It manifests itself in everything: in greatness of snow-capped peaks, and in the power of waterfalls, and in crystal, scorching streams of rivers, and in small but incredibly fragrant bushes of barberry, in the smells of herbs and in the hearts of people. In the vicinity of Badrinath in caves of the Himalayas live Indian yogi - babaji. They live there all year round, making their spiritual practices.

Day 10 – Badrinath. Mana is the last village before the Tibetan border. The source of the Saraswati River, which gives wisdom.

Day 11 – Govinrat - Gangaria (the valley of flowers). The track is 13 km. Valley

looks like a huge bouquet in a vase of dazzling snowy peaks, among

which particularly distinguished is Nilgiri Parbat (6474 m). In the Valley, there are

rare types of flowers, some were opened here for the first time, although

the valley is quite small in size - only 10 km in length and 2km in width.

Along the valley there is flowing a crystal-clear stream Puspavati, into wihich there flows in a lot of ringing streams and waterfalls.

Day 12 – Hemkund Sahib. The track is 6 km. Washing in the crystal-clear waters of Lake Hemkund, the size of which is 200 to 150 meters. In the waters of the lake reflects mountains in all colors, as well as glaciers, flowers and rocks shimmer. Visit The Gurudwara is an impressive temple of Sikhs star-shaped from stone and concrete.

Day 13 – Gangaria - Govinrat (Track 13 km) - Rudrapryag (100 km – 4 hours)

Day 14 – Rishikesh. (150 km - 5 hours) Lakshman Jula, Muniki Reti, Bharat Mandir and Triveni ghat. In the evening, visit Arathi (the "fiery" puja) in ashram of Parmat Niketan. If you want to stay longer in Rishikesh we can help with accommodation.

Day 15 – Delhi (250 km - 6 hours)

Day 16 - Departure to your city

For those who will participate in the tracks it will require a good physical form, which can easily walk at an altitude of 2000-3400 meters, in Valley of Flowers 4000, as well as the spirit of adventure and deep spiritual devotion. If you can not participate in the tracks completely, we can provide other time spending options. Since weather and road conditions in the mountainous areas are constantly changing, perhaps, we will have to adjust our route accordingly. This tour requires flexibility of thinking and the ability to adjust to changing conditions.

PRICE: 1250 Euro - travel expenses, accommodation, 2 times vegetarian food, organizational costs in India, translator services, (for children under 14, a 25% discount, there are discounts for

couples and groups).

The price does not include: plane tickets to Delhi and back, visa registration, insurance, personal donations, personal expenses, porter services, entrance tickets, water. Extra cost for single accommodation 350 euros.

Signing-up and information per e-mail:, skype: libork108

Signing-up by phone +371 28440667, +37128224475 (Watsapp, Viber).