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Festival «Solstice in national traditions»
21 - 24 June 2019 12:00 - 17:00 (Event completed)

We invite you to the fifth International Solstice Festival in Svyatoustie!
The Solstice Festival has

 * Interesting events every day
* Cozy and comfortable atmosphere for outdoor activities
* In-depth knowledge and practice of your choice
* Delicious vegetarian food
* Fun and inexhaustible positive emotions
A natural reserve at the confluence of two rivers, crystal clear air, fresh and natural food, socialization next to the campfires and diving
into the world of the genus, traditions and cultures of the Earth.

The huge territory of Holy Land allows you to meet the needs of everyone:
- You can find a place of peace and quiet for an ideal and complete relaxation;
- You can immerse yourself in a kaleidoscope of an atmosphere of exquisite creative energies that will fill everyone with a thirst for
knowledge and transfiguration;
You can connect with all the elements of nature:
- flame of bonfires;
- the cleansing force of the washed banks of the Holy Land of the Lielupe and Sveta rivers;
- Mother Earth;
- aroma of grasses and wind energy;
- and the very space, which is undoubtedly the place of power!
We will make these days a real holiday for you and your loved ones!


* Latvian tradition of celebrating "Solstice" and "Ligo". Singing "Dines", weaving wreaths, Ligo bonfire. The search for a fern flower and bathing in the morning dew.
* Slavic tradition of the celebration of the "Solstice". On this holiday, according to popular beliefs, water can "make friends" with
fire, and their union is considered a natural force. The symbol of this connection is the bonfires along the banks of the rivers that burn this night.
* Vedic culture of the greeting of the Sun. Morning practice "Surya Namaskar". The fiery ritual of Agnihotra, to attract the blessings of
the higher forces.
* Songs, dances and games of different cultures.
* Master classes in needlework, folk crafts and arts.
* People's beliefs and customs. In the days of the summer solstice, we particularly feel the unity with our origins, which allows us to be
strong and realize the course of our life, taking the experience and wisdom of antiquity.
* Folk healing.
* Bath rituals.
* Archery.

* Herbal preparations, green cooking. A special day of the holiday is June 22 - Herbal Evening. All the plants collected on this day are
endowed with special power!
* Aromatherapy
* Crafts: woodworking, macrame, embroidery.
* Master classes in cooking "God's Garden"
* Meditation and healing sessions
* Intuitive painting and art mehendi

For the first time at the Solstice festival, a unique special program is waiting for men, where women are not allowed to enter!
Being a man is more than "taking everything from life." This is the ability to protect the weak and lead people in the right direction, to
true values ​​and ideals.
The role of the defender, leader, spiritual mentor - this is the true purpose of the man.
The university will be able to help each of the participants to form their inner male core, which should be based on the unbreakable
postulates and principles of male behavior!
Sergei Uspensky within the men's university will hold 3 programs:
 Cossack war (male fun in the forest)
 "We respect and exalt dignity."
Ancient - Chinese kind of martial arts Wing Chun (Wing Chun)

 The nature, mission and happiness of this Woman.
 In a program:
 - Acquaintance with Woman's Nature - A Real Woman, what is she like?
 - Family, society and its influence on the formation of the identity of
girls and women. Roles of such woman.
 Practice for the reproductive female body system.
 Especially recommended for young girls who are seriously preparing for future motherhood,
young mothers who want to undergo postnatal rehabilitation and mature ladies, who are concerned about the condition of the pelvic
 "Imagica Tribble"
 Tribal is a dance of female power and beauty, based on belly dancing and flamenco. Fascinating and magnetic, it resembles an ancient ritual.
Nowadays it is mixed with modern trends (hip-hop, modern, etc.), which forms a dance style amazing in freedom and variety.
 Home Aromatherapy
Essential oil is, roughly speaking, the vital force of plants. It is the music of nature, the music of the universe. Essential oils are capable
of much. And, most importantly, they serve us in opening up the potential. They can relax, but can give the power to act.
 Mehendi - "Symbolics woven into an ornament"
Mehendi is the art of drawing henna on the body. It was believed that natural ornaments on the human body can awaken the energy of inner light. Figures and symbols of mehendi raise the mood, take a person out of depression, fill the mind with support and joy

Special youth program, during which there will be an exchange in knowledge of traditions, folk games and amusements, dances, songs and dances, handicrafts, herbal collections, etc., and the real preparation of space for the festival will be started! During the festival from June 21 to June 24, a special youth will work

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