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Leonid Kuripko
"Astrology consultant in St.-Petersburg"
“For me astrology is a way of life. It has opened for me beauty of the world, the understanding of all events happening to me and to my environment, the comprehension of how to solve those or other problems has come to me. The astrology gives calmness and confidence in the future. I consider, that astrological method is a universal key to any problem” – L. Kuripko.
He was born 4.06.1955 in a city of Rustavi. Has a higher education. He has graduated the Belarus polytechnic institute as an engineer. After graduation the institute in 1981 has moved to Leningrad region. Is married and his spouse’s name is Tatyana, daughter’s – Alexandra. His hobby is chess. He took part in competitions and worked as the trainer. He is the champion of the St.-Petersburg chess club of the name of Chigorina in 1985.
In September of 1990 he has entered school of astrology of Paul Globa. Since then he considers P.P.Globa as his teacher.
He started consulting in 1991, but to work professionally as the astrologist in 1998. He carries out consultations on personal, family questions, concerning career and business.
He participated in telecasts «Morning in the big city» on 5th Channel of St.-Petersburg, about Плутоне on NTV and in others.
At the moment he has pupils and for each pupil individual lessons are led.
He lives and carries out consultations in St.-Petersburg. He co-operates with the I.I.Vetrov’s centre of Ayurvedic medicine « Dhanvantari
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