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Rita Zlatopolska

Graduated from Riga Technical University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering Economics. Has experience in various fields of activity: administrative, financial, economic, management.

     Spiritual searches led to the Qigong School, then to yoga, vegetarianism. In 2007, she began to get acquainted with Vedic philosophy and culture, listening to lectures by O. G. Torsunov, L. Tugutov and other lecturers, reading the books of Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, which radically changed the worldview and life principles, gave an understanding of the true purpose of person.

     She attended the courses “Sadvi-vilasa - The activities & pastimes of a religious woman” in 2009 in Riga, taught by representatives of The Bhaktivedanta Academy, Sri Anasuya Vidyamandala from Mayapur, India. In these courses, knowledge and practical skills of following the Vedic culture, including cooking, were obtained.

     She took part in organizing youth festivals promoting Vedic culture, cooking and art.

     On the instructions of the spiritual teacher Alexandr Khakimov she was the organizer of the "Bhakti Vriksha" program - spiritual education and communication among young people in small groups of 10-12 people.

      Being Latvian by nationality and having studied the book "Knowledge of God in the Vedas and Dainas" ("Dievatziņa vēdās un dainās"), she became interested in the topic of common heritage of Latvian and Vedic culture, reflecting how close the descriptions of universal truth and spirituality both in the Latvian Dainas and in the ancient Vedas are.

       Since 2011 she has been taking part in the organization of festivals and retreats held by the "RADI2005".

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