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Art therapy
"Art therapy through drawing. Personal consultations"

We invite you to a dialogue with your Soul through the sessions of the Stream
Art therapy. Drawing in a stream is magical, transforming practice of life. After streaming your life will never be the same. Often in our life we search for answers in books, trainings, seminars, we ask for advice our family and friends. But we forget about ourselves, about our Soul, and that all the answers to the questions are already known and they are inside us.

To whom can they become a magic wand: 

  • Those who wants to improve family relationships;
  • Those who wants to meet their soul mate and get rid of loneliness;
  • Those who wants to live their life on a purebred;
  • Those who have been afraid to admit for years; that they are ruining themselves and their lives on the work they don’t like;
  • Those who wants to find themselves.

Signing up by phone 28440667 or e-mail:

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1 December 2021 - 30 March 2022 14:00 - 17:00
Art therapy