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International festival “Svētgrīvas”
21 - 24 June 2017 10:00 (Event completed)
21-24 of June
Solstice in national traditions 
Culture! Tradition! Spirituality!

Dear Friends!
We would like to invite you to the third international festival – “Svētgrīvas”, which is devoted to Midsummer! During this time, tremendous slender energies which activate all processes on the planet go on Earth. Thanks to the natural rhythms, all activities will have a special force. You are welcome to meet these energies among associates!

About the festival 
Throughout thousands of years, the time of the Solstice has had a great impact on all the people of our planet, who lived in harmony with nature’s cycles and organized their lives in accordance with them. Since the most ancient times, people have respected the Sun, because they realized that its light and warmth affect their lives on Earth. During this time, one has to get rid of everything unnecessary and moribund both in one’s home and in one’s soul to let something new, bright, kind and cheerful in life. The idea of the “Svētgrīvas” festival is to combine elements of different peoples, different traditions and cultures, to present a holiday to people, to share ancient knowledge, to become closer to nature and to others. 
On the first day of the festival, 21st of June, we are going to salute the summer solstice with ancient Slavic, Baltic and Vedic rituals aimed to attract happiness, knowledge and everything prosperous to our lives. 

The program of the festival includes: 
a Latvian tradition of celebrating “Solstice” and “Līgo”. Chanting of “Dainas”, making wreathes, “Līgo” bonfire. Searching for the fern flower and bathing in morning dew.
A Slavic tradition of celebrating Midsummer. According to folk beliefs, on this holiday, water can “befriend” fire, and their union is considered to be force of nature. A symbol of such union are bonfires along riverbanks which were made this night. Besides, in the Kupala Night, people often told fortunes using wreathes dipped into a river: if a wreath floated, it promised happiness and long life or marriage. 
A Vedic culture of the Sun Salutation. A morning practice “Surya Namaskara”. A fire ritual “Agnihotra”. To attract the blessing of the supreme forces, grain, clarified butter, fruit and flowers will be offered to fire and water.
We are going to have a fascinating everyday opportunity of celebrating with songs and khorovods, dances and games of the peoples. 

And also: 
A program for children. Introducing nature to children helps them get realistic knowledge of nature via sense experience, and teaches them how to treat it. Children get acquainted with natural events and properties of nature and its subjects, they learn to notice how nature changes and develops. Children become inquisitive. 
Masterclasses in handcraft, national crafts and arts;
Folk beliefs and traditions. On the days of the summer solstice, we specially feel solidarity with our ancestry that allows us to be strong and to realize the course of our lives, adopting experience and wisdom of ancient times;
traditional medicine; 
bathing rituals;
Slavic gymnastics;
herbal teas, green cooking. A special day of the holiday on 22nd of June
herbal evening. All herbs picked on this day have a maximum power!
crafts: woodwork, macramé, embroidery;
practical psychology, practice in personal development; 
tea ceremonies;
and much more!

Participating in the program you will:
have a wonderful rest in a beautiful and clear place,
get into a state of solidarity with yourself and with the world,
set yourself up for your inner world, hear the voice of your Race,
see your talents and potential, begin to unlock them,
learn specific instruments of maintaining yourself in healthy, integral and happy state,
make new friends and associates,
find answers to questions important for you.
Let’s fill our Beautiful Planet with Light! May the Light of our Hearts be seen even in other worlds!!!

Special guests of the festival will speak about the importance of keeping the culture of peoples:
Aleksandr Hakimov – a philosopher, psychologist, artist, writer, excellent conversation partner. His daily routine are lectures, conferences, meetings with scientists, philosophers and artists; TV-shows and radio broadcasts. Despite his business, he continues painting expressing his philosophy and thoughts about life, death, spiritual reality and divine love. 
Bittu Mallick (India) is one of the most eminent vocalist of our century, vocal and harmonium playing virtuoso. He was born in Vrindavan in a family of Brahmins, where only talented musicians had always been born. Bittu’s grand-grandfathers could chant Vedic mantras to raise rain, fire or other necessary weather conditions, they could cure people, thanks to the power of sound and its influence on environment and people. 
Dmitry Maevsky (Belarus) – a talented and charismatic preacher, who inspires with his conversations. He has a unique ability to speak about complex things in an intelligible form. He is an author of many trainings and seminars, specialist in palmistry, astropsychology, yoga-therapy. 
Mikhail Senkevich (Belarus) – a spiritual leader, founder of a centre of Vedic culture in Vitebsk. He has a “Bhakti Sastri” certificate, and a Brahmanic initiation – a speciality in Vedic wisdom. 
Ruslan Narushevich (Latvia) – a practicing psychologist with more than 20-year experience, specialist in family psychology, psychology of interpersonal relationships; a professional Vedic astrologist.  
Yelena Bychkova (Latvia) – a founder of the “Raduga 2005” non-governmental organization, a manager of the “Svētgrīvas” cultural and education centre, lecturer, an author of the “Chudesnaya mama” programs, a lead of the festival. 
Valery Molchansky (Belarus) – a traveller, thriving businessman, business idea generator and business plan developer, arranger of the “Sacred Name Festival” in Belarus, a funder and mastermind of different projects and charity programs, an excellent musician.
“Lila vara” band (Latvia) – music of the band combines Ancient East with contemporary West, ethnic music with electronic music. 
Natalya Provornaya (Latvia) – a teacher of the “Bozhiy ogorod” courses, collector and expert in traditional recipes. She learns and develops eco-farming traditions. 
World-music-band “AuraMira” (Ukraine) – the “AURAMIRA” Slavic folk-band was founded in 2010. During this time, the band recorded four albums “Zhiva”, “Mira vsem miram”, “Svarga”, “Lyudi Boga Vedayut”.
“Anarkali” ensemble (Latvia) – ANARKALI dance workshop invites participants of the festival to join Slavic dancing traditions. A repertoire of the workshop is based on dances of different styles – from East to West, from classical dances, show-performances to dances of peoples. 

For detailed and relevant information about the program click the following link:

During the festival, it is strictly forbidden to take intoxicants, alcohol, cigarettes. In case of inobservance of the rules, arrangers can ask visitors to leave the area of the festival. 

Regular price – EUR 120 – per person for the entire festival 
Family of two persons 180 
Two adults + 1 child from 4 to 14 years old 215 
Two adults + 2 children 250
One adult + 1 children 155
One adult + 2 children 180
One person/child for 21 or 24 of June 30/20
One person/child for 22 or 23 of June 50/30
One has to pay for children from 4 to 14 years old. For children before 4, the entrance is free.
The price includes accommodation in own tents, meals, participation in all the programs. (If necessary, arrangers can give a tent upon advance request (the number of tents is limited).
Additional expenses: individual consultations and recreation activities. 
Payment can be transferred to a bank account with a mark “festival”.
Multicurrency payment: "RADUGA 2005", Nr. 40008094254
Bank: Swedbanka AS SWIFT: HABALV22
Bank account: LV90HABA0551032164858
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Preliminary registration is mandatory
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